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Ask Me Who I Are

Greetings Earthlings,

I am Hana Piranha, New Zealand-born singer-songwriter. My identity and passion lie in my eponymous band which I share with Jim Beck (guitar), Andrew Lane (drums) and Mishkin Fitzgerald (bass). Here are the two songs I'm most proud of:

We are signed to Not Saints which is the UK's only label for musicians in recovery. As is pretty evident from my first few albums (especially Cold Comfort) I hit my own rock bottom and am now committed to spending the rest of my life reaching my highest potential. It is great to work so closely with people who provide support and accountability in my journey.

My first instrument is violin which I have played all my life. I trained with the ambition of being a concert violinist until my late teens when I decided I'd rather be a rockstar. I've never looked back...

In 2017 I developed a passion for playing harp. This developed into my first solo album Wednesday's Child... which in turn developed into an illustrated gothic fairytale.

Asking a violinist if they play piano is kind of like asking a European if they speak English but I recently developed a newfound love for the instrument after finally owning one again.

I began taking cello lessons in 2021 so that I could record and perform cello for my metal band Crimson Veil. Since then it's pretty funny that some of the largest stages I've ever played have been on the instrument I'm least comfortable with. Crimson Veil recently signed to Reigning Phoenix Music which is a dream come true for me.

I sing in "deathpop" duo HVIRESS with my partner in crime Mishkin Fitzgerald. We are signed to LA-based label Give/Take and will be releasing our first album soon. Here is our first single Arrival.

When I'm not on tour I live a very quiet life in the countryside with my partner and an ever-increasing number of animals, including a violent cat and three snakes. We are both vegan and will be opening an animal sanctuary very soon. Watch this space!

I'm very committed to my fitness and do a variety of exercise including running, strength training, yoga and ballet. I love all things ballet-related and feel like in another life I would have loved to train as a ballerina.

I have a witchy craft store called Useless Poison. I set this up over Lockdown when I was no longer able to make money from gigs. Now I mostly make seasonal products during the quieter months of music.

I feel like I haven't truly found my "voice" or my place in the world yet. But my mission is to share my personal journey candidly through my creative process and hopefully reach people along the way.

New strings are expensive! Here are some ways you can support me as an artist:

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