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Hana Piranha’s new single ‘Lorelei’, out now, is a raw, sultry, sometimes aggressive, and always punchy powerhouse of an alternative anthem. Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Wingspan’, 'Lorelei' tells Hana’s story of an abusive relationship and invites the listener to share in the healing that can be found not just in the music but in the visceral vulnerability that drives her. Speaking about the single, Hana Piranha said: “Lorelei was inspired by my ex-boyfriend, who I was in a really abusive relationship with. I feel lucky to have actually survived that relationship, it was just really dark, so the song is about that quite explicitly. I chose Lorelei, a mythical mermaid who lures sailors to their deaths, so it makes it a bit of a revenge song too. It’s why we chose to make the music video underwater”. Shot around the sun-drenched beaches of Cannes in the south of France the accompanying music video for ‘Lorelei’ is a darker and more juxtaposed offering given its glamorous location, but perfectly encapsulates the feeling and story within ‘Lorelei’ and shows Hana Piranha’s deep understanding that great music is about willingness to push the boundaries. On hearing ‘Lorelei’ and seeing the video, it’s easy to see where Hana Piranha’s influences reside. Woven into the fabric are catchy synth lines reminiscent of Muse or Nine Inch Nails, squalling string arrangements like PJ Harvey, and the presence of crunching guitars that round out all great rock anthems. Standing above these luminary influences is Hana Piranha’s own distinctive and characterful voice that purrs and wails in equal measure. Hana Piranha’s new single ‘Lorelei’ is out now on all major streaming platforms. The new album ‘Wingspan’ will be released worldwide through Not Saints label on 17th November 2023.

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