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Dingo and Scarzer's Rules of Songwriting

  • If it has more than 3 chords, it's prog

  • If it's not 4/4, it's prog

  • If it's over 3 minutes, it's prog

  • If it's not in E, it's prog

  • If your drummer can't play it after one listen, it's prog

  • If you're missing 1 syllable, just add "oooh"

  • If you're missing 2 syllables, just add "baby"

  • If you're missing 3 syllables, just add " oooh baby"

  • Rhyme schemes like "bed" and "real" are legitimate

  • If you can't play Beer by Reel Big Fish over it, it needs to be changed

  • If you can remember writing it, you didn't drink enough

  • If it's not about sex or Satan, why are you even in a band

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