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An incubus is a demon that visits a woman in her sleep and impregnates her. The cover of my debut album Cold Comfort is based on a painting by Henry Fuseli called The Nightmare, which portrays this image, and in light of this, it's pretty clear that Incubus is one of the defining tracks of the album.

I wrote Incubus after a night out at a friend's. Someone was smoking some potent weed near me while I was sleeping and it triggered a horrible and very real nightmare that a demon was raping me. However, the inspiration and significance of this song runs a lot deeper than that, and that's why, two and a half years from its release, and with plenty of new songs to be working on, I've chosen to make a video for this track.

Incubus is one of the slower tracks on the album and on first listen, it seems melodic and almost pretty. The aim of this video is to bring out the more sinister undertones of the song and to communicate the horror of being raped and the dirty feeling of someone having invaded you from the inside in a way that you can't erase.

I've chosen to release this video on International Women's Day this year because I think it's currently very fitting as a topical statement. I am a staunch believer in Pro Choice, and this video is a protest against the right wing policies that are in place all around the world against this fundamental women's right. It goes out as a particular fuck you to Donald Trump and his insane ideas. To any woman who has at any time felt that her rights to her own body have been taken away from her, I stand in solidarity with you.

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